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Afzelia quanzensis, commonly known as the Pod Mahogany (trading name), shares the characteristics associated with the true South American Mahogany. Strength, stability and durability are usually affiliated with the dominant characteristics of this species.

Although prominent throughout Southern Africa, this tree species is found in the areas of northern Natal, Swaziland, Transvaal Lowveld and Northern Transvaal to Zimbabwe and Mozambique, extending towards the North East regions of Botswana.

The Afzelia Quanzensis is a large deciduous tree which flourishes in well-drained soils and usually found in dry forests.

The Afzelia Quanzensis has a long trunk and has an easily identifiable feature of a large umbrella-like tree cover. It also has large glossy leaves, and bears a unique fruit which grows in its half-moon, flat shaped pods. These pods contain off-shaped shiny, black and orange seeds which are unique in colour.

This particular species has various uses to suit humanity, such as being shaped to develop necklaces, the light red/brown timber is ideal for furniture as it has a distinct and profound shine. This includes building, plywood, furniture panelling and flooring as well as the traditional treatment characteristics from eye aliments and pneumonia.

The Afzelia Quanzensis also provides durability and strength for construction projects such as decking, floorings and boat building activities.

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