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Environmental Management Programme (EMPr)

In accordance with the Integrated Environmental Management Guidelines the purpose of an Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) is “to describe how negative environmental impacts will be managed, rehabilitated and monitored and how positive impacts will be maximised”.

Virtually all developmental projects require that an (EMPr) be compiled that will address the aspects as outlined above. Project objectives must be achieved in an environmentally sustainable manner; with particular reference to the prevention and mitigation of environmental impacts caused by construction and operational activities associated with a project.

The (EMPr) is a dynamic document that may need to evolve during its implementation period so that it recognises any new issues that may arise; or changes in the parameters of identified issues and can address same with the required/amended mitigation.

It is strongly recommended that the EMPr must form an integral part of the contract documents, as it outlines the environmental methodology and duties required for the construction, rehabilitation and operation (in some instances) for the authorised project or activity.

In terms of the latest NEMA regulations that were promulgated on the 8th December 2014, the required legislated contents of an EMPr are clearly stated and include, inter alia, that:

An (EMPr) must comply with section 24N of the NEMA as well as a detailed description of the aspects of the activity as identified by the project description; a description of the impact management objectives, including management statements, identifying the impacts and risks that need to be avoided, managed and mitigated as identified through the environmental impact assessment process for all phases of the development including such as planning and design; pre-construction activities; construction activities; rehabilitation of the environment after construction and where applicable post closure; and operation activities; a description of proposed impact management actions, identifying the manner in which the impact management objectives and outcomes will be achieved. These actions must comply with prescribed environmental management standards or practices; must address aspects relating to avoiding, modifying, remedying, controlling or stopping any activity or process which causes pollution or environmental degradation; must outline aspects regarding financial provisions for rehabilitation; must outline the method of monitoring the implementation of the impact management action and an indication of the persons who will be responsible for the implementation of the management actions.

Selected Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) Projects:


Balito Taxi Rank and Supporting Infrastructure

Client: SMEC South Africa

Municipal Location: KwaDukuza Local Municipality


Burger Street Extension

Client: LA Consulting Engineers 

Municipal Location: Msunduzi Local Municipality


Swayimane Service Station

Client: James Bond Carrier (Pty) Ltd

Municipal Location: Msunduzi Local Municipality


N2-R56 Interchange Upgrade

Client: Nathoo Mbenyane Engineer/DEC Joint Venture

Municipal Location: Ugu District Municipality


Tugela Ferry Bridge

Client: Royal Haskoning DHV

Municipal Location: Msinga Local Municipality


Nottingham Road Mixed Use

Client: Distinctive Choice cc

Municipal Location: Msunduzi Local Municipality